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Protecting you financially when your vehicle is written off.
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Gap insurance will protect you financially should your vehicle be written off. Your motor insurer will only pay you back the value of your vehicle at the time the vehicle is written off and as all vehicles lose value, especially if they are new, this means the amount that your motor insurer will offer in settlement of the claim can leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Return to
Invoice RTI

This covers the difference between the original invoice price paid for your vehicle and what your motor insurer offers you to settle the claim. If you have a finance agreement such as PCP, HP or Personal Loan it will pay the financial settlement figure.

Vehicle Replacement
Insurance VRI

This covers the difference between the cost of replacing your vehicle at current market value and what your motor insurer offers you to settle the claim. This cover is important if you received any form of discount when you purchased a new vehicle so that you can get like for like.


This covers the difference between the finance settlement agreement specially for contract/lease hire agreements and what your motor insurer offers you to settle the claim. You can also include the Initial Rental Protection (IRP) option which will cover the initial deposit paid.


This covers the difference between the Glass Guide Clean Retail vehicle value and what your motor insurer offers you to settle the claim. This cover is available if you have owned your vehicle for over 180 days.

What Cover Do We Offer

All products are fully ABI compliant and relate to a financial loss as a result of the vehicle being a total write-off due to accident, fire, vandalism, flood or theft. Protect the difference between what the insurance company will pay for your vehicle and either:

  1. The original invoice price you paid for the vehicle.

  2. The amount owing on finance.

  3. The cost to replace the vehicle on a like-for-like basis.

  4. The outstanding lease settlement at the point of loss.

  5. The outstanding lease settlement at point of loss and your Advanced Rental deposit (up to 6 payments)

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  1. Shortfall Cover

  2. Contract Hire/Leasing GAP

  3. Contract Hire/Leasing GAP with Initial Rental Protection (IRP)

  4. Return To Invoice (RTI)

  5. Vehicle Replacement Insurance (VRI)

All policies are administered on behalf of BestPriceFS by RA Claims and the insurer is Acasta European Insurance Company
(registered no. 96218).


If Total Loss / Write Off occurs please help the Claims Office by reporting Your claim according to the following procedure.

  1. Contact the Claims Office prior to accepting an offer of settlement from Your Motor Insurer. The claim notification telephone number is 0161 505 1404.

  2. For Claims Authorisation, You must:

    • Provide Your Policy number and Vehicle details; and
    • Advise the cause of Total Loss / Write Off.
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  • Highly competitive pricing - we take the lowest commission in the UK

  • Wider vehicle eligibility criteria and more flexible cover than competitors.

  • Can be bought up to 180 days after you have taken delivery of the vehicle.

  • Transferable to a replacement vehicle that meets the eligibility criteria.

  • Cover extends to Europe for up to 60 consecutive days

  • The vehicle is less than 10 years old and has less than 120,000 recorded miles at the Policy start date.

  • It has a purchase price of up to £125,000 (including factory and dealer fitted accessories endorsed by the manufacturer).

  • It is insured under a comprehensive motor insurance policy.

  • The policy is purchased within 180 days of the date when you took ownership of the Vehicle.

  • Any finance agreement secured on the Vehicle is in Your name and that the original amount financed is less than or equal to the Vehicle purchase price.

  • You are the owner of the Vehicle or in respect of contract hire and leasing contracts you are the authorised driver for the Vehicle.

Significant exclusions:
  • Modified vehicles

  • If you are a business selling or servicing motor vehicles

  • Vehicles used for Hire & Reward

  • If causation is from an accident under the influence of drink/drugs

  • Claims made after 30 days

  • Claims procedure – if you accept an insurance settlement without prior agreement only Market Value will be paid.

  • Salvage of the written off vehicle

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